Young Adults

Welcome to the Young Adults Ministry at FBC Geraldine!

FBC Geraldine has a vibrant community of young adults, ages 19-40, ranging from college students to young married couples with kids. Our ministry is dedicated to fostering a Christ-centered community where young adults can thrive, connect, and grow together in faith.

Thriving in Community

We believe that life is best lived together. Our Young Adults Ministry is built on the foundation of fellowship and spiritual growth. Whether you're navigating college life, stepping into your career, or building a family, you'll find a welcoming space here to support and enrich your journey.

what we offer

Sunday School Class: Dive deep into the Word and discuss real-life applications in our Young Adults Sunday School class. It's a place for meaningful conversation, spiritual growth, and connection.

Regular Hangouts: Life is more than just meetings; it's about doing life together. Our hangouts range from casual get-togethers in the community to evenings in homes. These gatherings are perfect for unwinding, building friendships, and creating lasting memories.

Serving Together: Our faith calls us to serve, and we take this to heart. Our group often comes together to address missional needs within our community, putting our faith into action and making a tangible difference.

Getting Involved

Joining our Young Adults Ministry is as simple as showing up! Whether you're interested in diving deeper into your faith by attending our Sunday School class or looking to meet new friends at one of our hangouts, you're welcome here.

For the latest updates on gatherings, events, and serving opportunities, join our GroupMe! It's your go-to source for all things young adults at FBC Geraldine.