Our Story


On August 20, 1939, Macedonia #1 Baptist Church blessed 85 of its members with a mission to spread the gospel in Geraldine, Alabama. That very afternoon, these faithful individuals gathered in the school auditorium, founding the First Baptist Church of Geraldine with 85 charter members.

In the spirit of unity and cooperation, a council of 7 pastors and 14 deacons from neighboring churches within the DeKalb Baptist Association came together to guide the establishment of our church. Led by Deacon J. Valdor Curtis and Rev. J.A. Minnix, this collaborative effort was a testament to our community's dedication to seeing God’s glory made known in this town.

Building Our Foundation

The church council, after meticulous organization, proudly announced the First Baptist Church of Geraldine as a fully constituted body. The church elected its first leaders with a shared vision for the future, marking the beginning of a journey filled with faith, leadership, and mission.

Our church began holding services in the Geraldine Masonic Lodge in 1939 before moving into our first church building in 1940. Under the guidance of Rev. Ralph E. Ables, Sr., our first Lead Pastor, our community built a sanctuary that would become the heart of our worship and fellowship.

Growing in Grace and Service

Our church has always been a place of vibrant community and spiritual growth. From the earliest days, programs like WMU, Sunday School, and Vacation Bible School have enriched our spiritual lives and community. Our commitment to missions, both local and international, reflects our dedication to spreading the Gospel and serving those in need.

In recent years, our church campus has seen significant transformations to better serve our growing congregation and community needs. The renovations and new facilities have not only helped us all worship together, but also expanded our capabilities to serve as a beacon of hope and support, especially during times of crisis.

Responding to Adversity with Love

The challenges of natural disasters in 2010 and 2011 tested our resolve but also highlighted our church’s spirit of compassion and service. Our community came together to provide relief and comfort to those affected, demonstrating the love of Christ in action.

Looking to the Future

Our latest projects, including the sanctuary expansion and basement remodel, symbolize our ongoing commitment to welcoming more into our fold and serving our community more effectively. Achieving these milestones debt-free and under budget is a testament to God's provision for our church.

As we look forward, First Baptist Church of Geraldine remains committed to the vision that has guided us since our foundation: to live by the Holy Spirit, root ourselves in God’s Word, and obey Christ’s Great Commission. We are excited to continue "Growing Together" in discipleship and fellowship and "Going Together" on missions, spreading God's love from our neighborhoods to the nations.

We hope you will join us on this journey of faith, fellowship, and service. Together, we celebrate our rich history and look forward to an even brighter future, all for the glory of God!

Be a part of our story...

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