Andy Brown

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My family and I are excited to be serving at FBC Geraldine. This is a wonderful community and a loving church family. We want to invite anyone that is looking for a church home to come and visit and see how good serving the Lord together can be. It is my prayer that we will do all we can to represent Christ wherever we go.

Music Minister

Chuck Hester

We are blessed to have Chuck Hester as our Interim music minister. Chuck is currently and in the past served in many areas of FBC Geraldine. We are so thankful for his willingness to step up and fill this void in our church staff. We are prayfully seeking the person God has for our next music ministry leader.

Youth Minister

Blake Bearden

We are thankful that Blake Bearden has been willing to serve as our interim youth minister. Blake and his wife Haley have been so willing to serve wherever they have been needed at Fbc Geraldine and thier whole family is truly a blessing to the church. We are prayerfully seeking God's direction for our youth ministry.

Senior Adult Minister

Harold Brown

We are blessed to have Harold & Polly Brown leading our senior adult ministry. They love the Lord and have loved serving Him over the years. Our senior ministry is a very active ministry and have a positive impact on every aspect of our church. We thank God for their love, wisdom, experience, and service.


Children's Director

Charlotte Buffington

Charlotte has been serving as our children's director since April 2015. She does an outstanding job balancing many activities and programs that we offer to help disciple children to be followers of Christ. We are blessed to have Charlotte and her husband Barry serving at FBC Gedraldine.

Support Staff

Joan Powell, Secretary


Cooper Hurley, Treasurer


Terry Brothers, Upward Director


Marilyn Brown, VBS Director


Grady and Donna Hunter, Custodians

FBC Deacons

The deacons at FBC are partners in ministry with the ministry staff.  While the pastor is the servant leader, the deacon body are the church's leading servants.  They model Christ-likeness, humility, service, and spiritual leadership.  FBC is blessed to have great deacons that God has raised up.  They are, in alphabetical order:

Chuck Ables

Blake Bearden

Terry Brothers

Dub Bryan

Barry Buffington

Ronnie Hall

Roy Heath (Chairman)

Mickey House

Neal Johnson

Randall Johnson

Tim Maddox


   July 2019   
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