The proposed "Child Protection Policy," along with its appendix, is respectfully submitted to the church body for prayerful consideration from the FBC Policy Committee.  The CPP will be presented, explained thoroughly, time allowed for questions, and then voted on at the special-called business meeting on Sunday night, Aug. 26, 2012 at 5:00pm.  Every church member with children and/or grandchildren, as well as everyone who serves in any capacity with children (Sunday School, Awana, M&M's, van drivers, VBS, Upward, etc.) are urged to be present.

In an effort to be better stewards of the Lord's resources, we are providing samples of the policies to be presented online.  It would be wasteful to print multiple paper copies for so many people.  If possible, please print your own for prayer and review.  However, for those without internet access, paper copies will be available.


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